Retirement Income Options

Retirement Income Options

You’ve planned ahead by saving for your’ve taken responsibility for your own financial future...and you’re ready to enjoy all the leisure and opportunity available to you.

But now there’s a major decision to be made: What do you do with your retirement savings? It’s an important question. There are many options and choosing the best one means examining the lifestyle you plan to enjoy during your retirement.

When you’re ready to convert your savings to income, you’re dealing with a Retirement Income Option, or “RIO”. A RIO is a financial product which becomes your own personal pension plan.

The money to purchase your RIO comes from the funds accumulated in your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), your Registered Pension Plan (RPP), your Deferred Profit Sharing Plan (DPSP), or a combination of any of these.

Think of a RIO this way: For much of your working life, you’ve been paying into your RRSP, RPP or DPSP. Over all those years, you’ve had a goal or destination in mind. Now that you’ve reached it, it’s time for those plans to start paying you.

We want you to reap maximum enjoyment from the retirement savings you‘ve accumulated over the years.  Make an appointment with one of our Financial Experts today to discuss your options.

Learn more about Retirement Income Options in our RIO booklet.