Community Investment

At Kootenay Savings, community is important to us. We don't just have branches here - we have roots here.  We are passionate about supporting our communities and are dedicated to making a real difference in the region.

In addition to distributing hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial and in-kind support over the years, we're also proud of the work our employees and directors do to bring our community programs to life.  From chipping in for charity as part of our Care Wear program to visiting schools to deliver our innovative youth financial literacy program, to hosting fundraising events, we are actively involved in the neighbourhoods where we work, live and play.

To learn more about Kootenay Savings' ongoing community investment,please visit us at the following sites:

Care Wear

Visit any Kootenay Savings location on a Friday and you'll likely see employees dressed in their sporty Care Wear shirts. Ask anyone of them and they'll tell you that every time they wear their shirt, two dollars is raised for charity!  Dressing casually and helping strengthen local communities at the same time - how can you not feel good about that?

Introduced in 2004, the Care Wear program gives employees and directors the freedom to dress casually every Friday - for a price. Each week participants pay one dollar for the privilege, and the Kootenay Savings Community Foundation matches all contributions. Then, on Credit Union Day, every branch and office location donates their accumulated funds to a deserving community group or charitable cause.


Kootenay Kids Cash

Financial Literacy starts with youth! 

The more children learn about money, and the earlier they start building the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to become financially literate, the more likely they’ll be to make sound decisions about their financial future.

At Kootenay Savings we are committed to supporting financial literacy and education, which is why we created Kootenay Kids Cash, our entertaining and interactive budgeting game for youth!
Developed for students in grades 5-8, and delivered by fun and knowledgeable Kootenay Savings employees, Kootenay Kids Cash turns the classroom into an imaginary family with an income to allocate, expenses to manage and decisions to make. 

Throughout the hour-long workshop students are introduced to basic money concepts such as saving, spending and budgeting and are presented with real-life scenarios that enhance decision making skills and highlight the difference between needs and wants.


Kids Calendar


One of the world’s most celebrated biologists, Charles Darwin transformed the way we think about the natural world. Teaching children the interconnectedness of all living things inspires a greater understanding of our place in the universe.

Looking at animals with wonder, respect and empathy, we see our fellow creatures as friends and understand their existence is integral to our future and the future of our planet. The amazing range of artwork we received for our Animals of the World 2019 Kids’ Calendar Contest illustrated these big ideas and more.

We would like to thank all the inspirational teachers and young artists who helped us create our calendar this year. We received more than 1,750 brilliant entries from 29 local elementary and middle schools. As a thank you for participating, each school is awarded $500 to put towards art supplies, field trips and other enrichment activities. The 13 featured artists are also awarded a custom canvas print of their special piece of art.

Be sure to visit a branch in early December to pick-up your free copy before they’re gone!


Each year we help fund hundreds of exciting community projects and events by awarding financial sponsorships and in-kind donations to community groups and charitable organizations throughout the Kootenays.

We enjoy working with people and organizations whose values are in alignment with our own. If your organization is planning an event or initiative that takes places in a community or communities served by Kootenay Savings, you are eligible to apply for support.

Let us know a little bit about your organization and your project or event by completing and submitting our online Sponsorship/In-Kind Donation Request Form.  Once your request has been received, we will follow up with you within two weeks to let you know if we are able to help out.

Due to the high demand and the time required to process and review applications, we encourage all groups to apply at least six to eight weeks in advance of your project or event.

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Community Investment